eCom Unity Live
April 13, 2023

The online event for eCom operators.

Save years of trial & error. Learn from & talk to eCom experts 5 steps ahead of you to learn what's moving the needle in 2023.

April 13, 2023

By operators, for operators

Find out what an online event can look like if you cut all the BS and replace it with nothing but value.

Got it, I'm in
  • 1:1 sessions with experienced operators
  • Real data you won't get anywhere else
  • Hot discussions about the future of eCommerce
  • 4 interactive topic rooms
1:1 sessions

Get your questions answered by one of our mentors

You got burning questions and want to speak to an experienced operator who has been where you are?
Then be quick & apply for a virtual 1:1 session and we'll match you to the right mentor for your topic.

...and many more (to come)!
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Time Table

#1 State of eCom
10:00 - 12:00

By Max Rast (Klar!). About the current state of the eCom, backed by real data you won't get anywhere else.

#2 Panel Discussion
10:00 - 12:00

About what's moving the needle in 2023.

#3 Topic Rooms
10:00 - 12:00

4 different rooms, 4 topics, 4 panels and massive value.

#1 - Shop Room

Get a live analysis of your shop by our operators panel.

#2 - Retention Room

Customer journey analysis from first touchpoint to post purchase flow.

#3 - Customer Acquisition Room

Get your ad creatives roasted by our operators panel.

#4 - Finance Room

About what's crucial to scale your brand in 2023.

#4 1:1 Expert Sessions
Throughout the day

Apply for 1:1 sessions to speak with one of eCom's smartest experts.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Can't find the answer to your question? Don't hesitate to contact us.

What does the sign up cost?

Nothing, the event and also the 1:1 sessions are free of charge.

How do the 1:1 sessions work?

When signing up, you can apply for an online 1:1 session. Just choose your favorite topic and your 3 favorite experts inside your chosen topic and write some words, why your expert should choose you. If your expert is fully booked, we will match you with an expert in your topic fitting your current situation.

We will invite you to a Google Meeting at a time suitable for your matched expert (max. 24h after eCUL started). If it's not suitable for you, please contact us. Ideally you'll prepare some questions or topics to get the most possible value out of your expert session.

Who is the event for?

Everyone who is interested in eCommerce. Doesn't matter if you're founder, senior operator or in the middle of starting your business.

When will the event take place?

April 13, 2023. We will announce the exact time in the next weeks. Check your mail after signing up to make sure you don't miss it.

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