William Painter C#1

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🗝️ Key Concepts

Even in traditional marketing trust plays a huge role…

Factor in, that your paid social ads are shown to people who:

🟣 Can not experience your products first-hand before buying

🟣 Didn’t know about your brand a few seconds ago

🟣 Get bombarded with ads containing unbelievable value props every day

…And the trust issue in traditional marketing (huge like a rock 🪨) becomes the Mt. Everest for paid social ads 🏔️.

It’s likely the biggest barrier to overcome when creating scalable creatives.

So, how is William Painter’s ad able to stand out and build trust almost immediately?

Because it uses the following two key concepts.

SHOW, don’t tell.

Instead of only talking about your value propositions you should engagingly show them to your potential customers.

Especially a lot of UGC ads fall short here because the creators only talk about the product.

👉 Customers don’t want to see people talking about how your skin care product makes your skin glow. They want to see it applied and the person’s skin glowing the next day.

This ad immediately starts with showing the value proposition instead of talking about it.

Remove Doubt.

Most importantly you want to communicate your value proposition in a way, that leaves no room for doubt or uncertainty.

Removing doubt is different for each individual product/brand, so there is a variety of ways to do this.

But unique approaches (as you can see in this ad) will be rewarded.

Using the same “10,000 happy customers” badges as everybody else is way less convincing, than…

🟣 Listening to your customers

🟣 Making a list of all the objections

🟣 Coming up with ideas to counter specific objections

🟣 Brainstorming the best ways to communicate/show your ideas