Introducing BI-as-a-Service for e-Commerce

Stop Running Your
E-Commerce Business
on Spreadsheets

Before Klar: You are not quite sure what is going on. You are wasting hours every week to create reports manually. Your team hates it. And yet, you are not getting the insights you need.

With Klar: You have instant access to lighting fast reports, developed by the leading e-commerce experts. You start to uncover things you never knew and your business will grow like never before.

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Hi You πŸ‘‹

You have come quite far.

What started as an idea, has become an actual business. Pretty crazy, right?

But things have gotten a lot more complex - you now have teams for things you used to do on the side.

It can all be pretty overwhelming and you catching yourself doubting your own decisions 😨🀭

To make sense of all this complexity you have turned to data.

You use the typical reporting stack - spreadsheets, data studio, maybe a connector or two?

Yet, you are still spending weeks building new reports. Waste days exporting and cleaning raw data. And every week, you still need to fix reports, merge data sources and combine targets with actuals.

What a waste of time...

And frustratingly, at the end of the day, you still feel like you are not getting the full picture 😭

You can't slice and dice the data in the way you'd like to and worse can't even be sure that you didn't make a mistake in all this manual work.

That's why we build Klar - to provide growing e-commerce businesses like yours with all the reports and insights they need in order to grow their business.

Built on our own experience from building and growing e-commerce business and the knowledge of some of the world's leading operators, Klar contains all the reports you need (just like you need them) and can be customized to the way you run your business 😎

So, if you want to make decisions confidently, empower your team, free them up from manual work and grow your business like never before, sign up for Klar.

Everything you need.
Just like you need it.

Klar is built for a very specific type of business.

E-Commerce stores with 10 to 100 employees that that sell multiple products and need to retain their customers in order to turn a profit (aka not CAC to CLV break-even on their first order).

Does that sound like you?

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Actionable Insights

Spreadsheets, Drag-and-drop BI tools are great for flexibility, but lack insights.

As we only serve one type of customer, so we can pre-build everything you need, to generate maximum insight.

Custom To Your Needs

Every business is slightly different.

Because we were operators ourselves, we know what these differences are and allow you to customize Klar to your needs.

Instant Everything

All reports load in less than 3 seconds and data is updated multiple times per day.

No more waiting for your data to load or spreadsheet to recalculate.

Easy Set Up. No IT needed.

Getting started takes minutes.

Integrate your datasources with one click, customize to your needs and Klar starts generating your reports.