Introducing Klar Data Empowerment

The All-In-One Reporting Solution
To Grow Your E-Commerce Business

Before Klar: You are not quite sure what is going on. You are wasting hours every week to create reports manually in spreadsheets. Your team hates it. And yet, are still not getting the insights you need.
With Klar: Soon you will be like “Hey, I know exactly what I need to do to grow”. You get instant access to lighting fast reports, developed by the leading e-commerce experts. You start to uncover things you never knew and your business will grow like never before.

What Is Data Empowerment?

After working in E-Commerce for the last decade, we got sick with the way reporting works.
In every company we were in reporting was always a nightmare.

Even though a few reports can be automated quite nicely by now, the bulk of the important reports are still being done in spreadsheets. They give you high flexibility but that comes at a great costs.

Updating is mostly done manually, taking up hours every week. Different versions of the report are flying around in the company and nobody really know if they are looking at the lastest numbers.

When you start growing and your dataset is growing, spreadsheet are maxing out on their computing power. You rebuild your report to reduce the calculations needs are cut out functionality just to cater for that. And still, you often need to wait 10 minutes for that report to recalculate. It's nerve wrecking.

Also, spreadsheets are super prone for error. You never really know if someone mixed up a formula or forgot to include a certain data point. And they never give you a full picture of what is really going on.

This all reduces the trust you have in what you are looking at. And with no trust in your data, the arguments start.

Sounds familiar? We are not surprised because that's what we have been dealing with.

But we are here to fix that, with Klar.

The complete reporting solution build for growing E-Commerce business with 5 to 50 people that helps you to understand your business and grow your sales like never before. Plus, your team will love it for never having to do manual updates on these spreadsheets ever again.

Reports That Provide Insights

Customizable To Your Business

Not Just Revenue But Profitability

Built With Leading E-Com Experts

Seamless Set Up.
No IT Needed.


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