Klar powers over hundreds of eCommerce brands. Here is what they have to say.

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"Klar is a gamechanger for growing eCommerce brands."

"It's almost crazy to me that something like Klar has not existed before. It gives me access to all the insights I need to make critical decisions and monitor and optimize our performance on daily basis. Worth every cent."

Co-Founder yfood
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"I wish Klar had existed a few years ago."

"It gives you all the insights that you need to scale your eCommerce business. That would have saved us tons of time and money."

Air Up
CMO, Air Up
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"Klar gives us clarity what to focus on."

"One example: With Klar we were able to identify high CLTV offers for each marketing channel in minutes and can allocate our marketing budget to drive long-term profitability."

Growth, Olav
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"Klar is flexible in just the right places, allowing us to customize things to get an accurate view of our data."

"We migrated from Magento to Shopify and have different stores for different countries. This complexity is something other tools struggle with, but for Klar it’s not a problem. With Klar we get accurate data and reliable insights."

CEO, Happybrush
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"We tried 2-3 other tools before, but Klar is clearly on a different level."

"As soon as you start using Klar, you immediately feel that it was built by people who get eCommerce. They understand your pain points and how data needs to be presented to make decisions."

CEO, Feey
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"Klar has become our single source of truth for the entire team."

"We used to have a ton of spreadsheets for our reporting, trying to manually keep all our data sources together and wasting hours every week. But with Klar, everything we need is in one place."

Emma & Noah
CEO, Emma & Noah
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"With Klar, we get exactly the insights we need to grow our business."

"Before using Klar, we tried other solutions. They all showed a bunch of numbers but not really what we needed. Then we found Klar. We now get exactly the insights we need to grow our business."

Concrete Jungle
CEO, Concrete Jungle

Once set up, Klar runs on autopilot and saves your team hours every week updating reports.

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"it's obvious that is was built by people that used to run online stores themselves"